Jakarta Convention Center

INTEX Show 2017

In Conjunction with Home Textile & Furnishing Fabric

As an exhibition of textile and textile products in Indonesia, INTEX Show has become
a platform that brings together manufacturers of textile and textile products (TPT)
in Indonesia with both local and international buyers, including global brand, to
strengthen the promotion of national textile industry and textile products in the
domestic and foreign markets.
Serious challenges facing the Indonesian textile industry and textile products today,
reflected in the decrease figures of export of 3.6% in 2015 compared to the figures
in 2014, from US $ 12.74 billion down to US $ 12.28. However, there’s optimism on
the increase to at least US $ 12.50 billion, or around 1.3 percent in 2016 toward
total gross domestic product (GDP).
Strategic effort by the Ministry of Industry to encourage the growth value of
textile industry continues to be conducted by highlighting the dynamics of global
developments upon the request of the textile in the export destination countries
mainly Europe and America, as direct impact of free Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
trade and the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).
Toward those challenges and optimism, INTEX SHOW 2017 opens new prospect of
expanding export markets for national textiles and textile products which are able to
produce high quality products, updated and fashionable design as well as the ability
to supply (lead time) quickly with the support of effective production chain

• Trend Forum And Seminar
- Trend Forecasting SS 2017/2018
To help predict trend in the Fashion Industry
“Mood Behavior and Buying habits of the customer at particular time of seasons”
- From OEM Manufacturing Company to Brand Development

• Match Making Program & One on One Meeting

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