Exporters Database

Name Product Location Phone Website Email address
Deli Farm International Native Tapioca Starch Deli Serdang +6282167629925 https://delifarm.co.id/ sales@delifarm.co.id
PT INTER BUANA MANDIRI MADU / HONEY SURABAYA, INDONESIA +62313769090 https://quickfreshindonesia.com/ exim.interbuana@gmail.com
PT. PANGESTU ANAM BERSAMA cocofiber, cocopeat Kota Tangerang +6281770017418 https://panambas.com/ ptpanambas@gmail.com

Exporters' information will only be listed after individual verification
Please contact ITPC Budapest related to the companies listed in Exporters Database.

Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) in Budapest has a role and function to facilitate the process of trade relations, business matching and business transactions that occur between the two parties engaging in the business / sales-purchases contract. ITPC Budapest is not responsible for any external factors caused due to force majeure, personal motivations of each party, and other things that were not previously anticipated in the process of a business deal which results in disputes, defaults, and controversy.

ITPC Budapest is a non-profit government organization and does not take any profit / commission / margins.

ITPC Budapest would like to suggest to both parties to have a sales contract between a supplier and buyer to guarantee: Transparency between the two parties; Clear expectations of obligations; A contract is enforceable by law; Ensuring that trading activities is done in a good manner. The Sales contract is a document/approval letter between the exporter and importer, which is a follow-up of the offer sheet and purchase order. A sales contract contains elements such as the information of the seller, the buyer, the goods, quality, quantity, price, payment method, delivery method, certification, date and schedule, dispute settlement mechanism, warranties and guarantees from seller and buyer, Inspection, and others.