Inacraft 2020

Jakarta Convention Center


A region in the western top of Sumatra Island with a unique and very attractive nature was a place of stopover as well as business and cultural gateways that connect east and west since centuries ago. Aceh was the first region where the Islamic religious development in the archipelago was introduced by Gujarati merchants from Arabia.

The art and culture that is born of the community is former of the wisdom in addressing the nature and religious beliefs of people. Besides that, the arts and culture in the community also provide positives value to the daily life of community. Motive of crafts, artwork and architecture influenced by some elements including flora that is sterilization herbs either in the form leaves, stems, or flowers, fauna that are often seen and the natural motif of the heavens and the clouds, the sky and the moonlight and sea the stars. Another motif that is very dominant and often used as a cultural element is the religious motif in the form of crafts taken from Al Quran.

Aceh government wishes to be an icon of INACRAFT 2020 as precise step introducing art, creative and cultural work to Indonesian and foreign people. Aceh has lot of advantages and potentials resource that can be regional economic activators and encourages investment for the progress of the province. The natural potentials of veranda of mecca is very exotic and promising, should be more sounding comprehensively to the community to be interested in visiting. On the other hand, handicraft which produced is diverse with extraordinary uniqueness. With the branding “The light of Aceh” the government continuously conducts promotion of tourism, art and culture of aceh not only in the country.

The target of Aceh government is certainly motivating us to contribute to the development of Aceh through the exhibition of INACRAFT 2020. On this occasion, we also took the manufacturer, entrepreneur handicraft with the government of the Aceh province to take part promoting the creative work of Indonesian handicraft in INACRAFT which will be held on 15-19 April 2020 in Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center.

“The beauty of diversities in west of Sumatra”

Follow in the footsteps of a region in the northern tip of the island of Sumatra that is full of culture and as the beginning of the center of Islamic Religious civilization in Indonesia, open our mind of natural beauty and purity of Nusantara. The Country with the nichname “veranda of Mecca” was initially had a social life of society the many similarities with the social life of society in the Middle East. In line with the development of civilization, Aceh became a province with many privilages.

The Symbol of Aceh province, which has the philosophy of living the people, is influential in the arts and crafts, culture and commodity produced. Aceh has a wide range of natural resources, one of which is natura gas and petroleum is a substantial foreign exchange contributor. The tourism of Aceh has no less interesting, tourists are growing enthusiasm to visit and enjoy the beauty of thes region.

This beautiful province miniature in the western part of Indonesia will be present as an icon of INACRAFT at Balai Sidang Jakarta Convention Center on 15-19 April 2020.

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Name of Event : The 22nd Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2020)

Theme : From Small Village to Global Market

Date : April 15 – 19, 2020

Opening hours : 10.00 am. – 10.00 pm.

Exhibition hall : Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta – Indonesia

Hall area : ± 25.080 m2 (gross)

Focused products : Indonesian Handicrafts (Batik, Woven Products, Fashion & Embroidery, Footwear, Bags & Travel Goods, Jewelry & Accessories, Household & Housewares, Gift Items, Decorative Items, Toys & Games).

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