Jakarta Convention Center


Uphold the spirit of the local work to the World, INACRAFT 2017 to proving the embodiment craft domestic quality

In this blessed occasion, we praise the presence of God Almighty for His grace and His favors, The Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI) in cooperation with PT. Mediatama Binakreasi will hold The 19th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2017)

The exhibition which has been held since 1999 this is one spectacular event of the expert craftsmen homeland which displays the quality of products that are so exclusive and fascinating, according to regional characteristrics good fashion, jewelry, and handicraft, in carryng out the campaign of cultural preservation nad modernization of participation will be the development of the world economy. INACRAFT into a mat that can attact people to go in and maintain and support the continuity of art and culture throung this prestigious exhibition. Purity, authenticity and prime performance of products on display is expected to be an potential business sector locally and interntionally consumers increasingly in each year.

INACRAFT exhibition will present a wide range of credible craft products to take up the domestic handicraft industry as visualization of the cultural richness of Indonesia in the international arena.

In order to uphold the handicraft activities strategic efforts toward the ASEAN market and Global Era, INACRAFT 19th comes with javanese cultural nuances of Yogyakarta on the theme “The Magnificence of Yogyakarta”. A big role in creativity of the poeple of Yogyakarta in this time is expected

Finally, I express great hope INACRAFT 2017 have a success in achieving its objectives in the development of handicraft products of the archipelago in order to improve people’s welfare, including the increase of Indonesian craftsmen income.